Register as an Archive User

Access to the Tribunal’s Decisions Archive is available to registered users of the Archive. Access is confined to those who have a legitimate reason to research previous decisions of the Tribunal in respect of appeal applications made to the Tribunal.

  • To become a registered user please contact The International Protection Appeals Tribunal at
  • Once you been verified as a registered user, you will be given instructions on how to access and research the Decisions Archive.
  • The Tribunal reserves the right to withdraw Users access to the Decisions Archive at any time.
  • Archive Information
  • New decisions will be added to the Archive on a monthly basis, and other previous decisions will be added in due course. In the event that specific decisions are requested, they will be processed and made available on the Archive Website. All decisions are edited to exclude any information that may lead to the identification of applicants.

    Decisions that are ‘vacated’ due to Judicial Review judgements will be removed from the Archive. If a ‘vacated’ decision is contained in a Users ‘Current Research or ‘ My Submissions’ the decision will be removed and replaced with a notice of its having being vacated